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Denture Clinic Alice Springs

Alice Denture Clinic is the only denture clinic in Central Australia. With an in-house laboratory, Alice Denture Clinic can construct new dentures or simply help you maintain the dentures you have. Our dental prosthetist can consult directly with patients in regards to their denture needs. Referrals are not required, however patients are regularly referred to our clinic. We work alongside other oral health providers and in conjunction with an array of health providers in the region.

Alice Denture Clinic aims to provide patients with complete denture care. Having worked in dental prosthetics for more than a decade, Peta personally provides advice and treatment options to suit the needs and budget of each patient.

In addition to constructing dentures and mouthguards, we can also cater for denture relines, denture repairs and denture additions in Alice Springs. We are pleased to provide denture services to clients from many areas of the Northern Territory and regional South Australia. Our dental prosthetist is also able to offer a mobile service for clients with limited mobility. For complete Alice Springs denture care, arrange a consultation with our clinic today.