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What can I expect from new dentures?
It is normal to experience some discomfort from new dentures. You need to allow some time to get used to speaking and eating with them. Each new denture will feel different from a previous denture, as no two are exactly alike.
Generally most new dentures will need some adjustments, sometimes several. These adjustment appointments are included in the denture construction plan and are at no extra cost. During this time it is common to:

•Bite your cheeks and tongue.
To avoid this, try eating soft foods to start with, or cut food into small portions and chew slowly.

•Notice an increase in saliva.
This will usually subside very quickly as your mouth becomes used to the new dentures.

•Notice a high spot or uneven pressure when you bite together.
This indicates a high spot in the bite, which is usually easily removed.

•Notice a sore spot or a site where the denture is rubbing.
This can mean several things, all of which are usually easily rectified.

•Notice a change in your speech.
This is very common, as the muscles in your face and your tongue get used to your denture. This will take some practice to overcome, but people are generally sounding themselves again within a few weeks. Try to read aloud to yourself and when you hear yourself struggling with a sound try to correct it.

Just make an appointment with Alice Denture Clinic and we will be more than happy to help.
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