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Dental service — Alice Denture Clinic in Tunga Court, Alice Springs, NT
Alice Denture Clinic is focused on creating dentures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Peta Bettineschi is our practice owner and the dental prosthetist on duty, available to consult with patients on their denture needs.

Alice Denture Clinic constructs partial and full dentures, as well as providing all aspects of denture maintenance including additions of teeth, denture relines, repairs and cleaning and we construct custom fitted mouthguards.

Our in-house dental laboratory ensures we have full control over design and appearance of dentures made in our clinic. This helps us to provide our clients with comfortable functional dentures that are worth smiling about. If you have any queries or would like more information about dentures, the Alice Denture Clinic can assist you.

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Denture construction — Alice Denture Clinic in Tunga Court, Alice Springs, NT
At Alice Denture Clinic we strive to construct dentures that will make you smile, whether you require a partial denture to seamlessly fit in with your existing teeth or a full denture that looks like it has always been your smile. Our dental prosthetist works with patients from all over Central Australia and can work with you to create a denture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Denture repairs — Alice Denture Clinic in Tunga Court, Alice Springs, NT
It is important for both your health and confidence to maintain the functionality and look of your dentures. Alice Denture Clinic provides complete maintenance options to meet these needs. We ensure prompt turnaround and flexible times for denture repairs, relines, denture additions and cleaning.
Custom sports mouthguards — Alice Denture Clinic in Tunga Court, Alice Springs, NT
Help to protect your teeth and jaw while on the field with a custom sports mouthguard from Alice Denture Clinic. We manufacture dual-layered sports mouthguards that fit closely and offer high impact protection. We source all of our mouthguard materials from an Australian company, which allows our clients to select from over 34 billion colour combinations.
Dental laboratory services — Alice Denture Clinic in Tunga Court, Alice Springs, NT
In addition to working with denture patients in Central Australia, we provide dental laboratory services for dental clinics throughout the region and beyond. Please speak with us about making use of our in-house denture laboratory.